Our intimate Hotel Góral Spa & Wellness is located in the very center of Szczyrk.

Favorable location means that each of our guests will find the right way to spend their free time.

We especially recommend:

Shrine of Our Lady of Szczyrk “Na Górce”
1,3 km

One of the most important religious sites in Szczyrk. It’s here where on July 25, 1894 the Holy Mary appeared to twelve-year-old Julianna Pezda. In the place of revelation in 1912 the Sanctuary was built.

Central Sports Center
1,5 km

The facility has an indoor public swimming pool, a sports and entertainment hall, a sports field with artificial surface, tennis courts, beach volleyball courts and ski jumps.

The “Skalite” ski jumping complex
1,3 km

The facility organizes the most important competitions of national and international rank

Cross-country cycling and skiing trails
1,8 km

The route is located at ul. Sosnowa in Upper Szczyrk. Due to its configuration, it enables cross-country skiing for both people starting their adventure with skiing and advanced skiers. In the summer it will be used as a bicycle route, which will allow cross-cycling to be enjoyed by a wide audience

Aquapark Leśna
16 km

The swimming pool complex in Leśna is a great form of recreation in Poland, the first one that was founded on the Żywiec region. Located in the Lipowa commune, bordering Żywiec. The complex consists of both internal and open pools – about 20 minutes from our facility

300 m / 2 min.

The main boulevard stretching along the banks of the river Żylica, a perfect place for lovers of urban sports, such as roller skates, bicycles, etc .; as well as for walkers (there is a possibility of renting Nordic walking poles – FREE at the reception)

Miniatures Park Świat Marzeń
40 km / 1 hour

The Miniature Park in Inwałd was established in 2007. It is located on a huge area, where miniature buildings are integrated into the captivating garden architecture. In two parts – World in miniature and Poland in miniature – you can admire as many as 60 perfectly mirrored architectural miracles. Most of them are made in the 1:25 scale, but there are also impressive buildings, where you can enter – St. Peter – 1:15, St. Mark – 1:10. The real gem in the Polish part is the National Stadium in 1:50 scale

600 m / 5 min. / 1 min.

The cable railway to the highest peak of the Silesian Beskids – Skrzyczne, from its apex there is a picturesque panorama of the surrounding cities and peaks.

St. James plaza
650 m / 6 min. / 3 min.

The central point of the city, a place of recreation for residents and tourists (fountain, stream, green areas)