In our cozy restaurant you can not only eat very tasty, but also relax.

We specialize in Polish, regional, hunting and Mediterranean cuisine, not forgetting about vegetarians and people on slimming diets.

As the only one in Szczyrk, we recommend:

  • Polish Lamb Festival
  • Pancakes made on sheet metal
  • Omelet pancakes in 16 types
  • Homemade dumplings
  • Dishes for children

You will eat a two course dinner from 17 PLN.

We have a children’s corner.

Polish Lamb Festival:

(Lamb from private breeding)

  • Quench on a lamb
  • Lamb dumplings
  • A lamb stew with a plate of tinned peanut toppings
  • Roast leg of lamb with roasted apple, chanterelle sauce and potato medallions
  • Lamb saddle, in wine and spicy sauce with rosti and mixed salad
  • Chef’s dishes, available on special order:
    Rolled tenderloin stuffed with spinach mousse served with baked vegetables and rosti with bundz and sweet tomatoes sherry

We offer our guests:

  • The main restaurant room
  • A room with intimate lodges

We organize:

Occasional parties: name-days, birthdays, intimate weddings, baptisms, communions, anniversaries – on request with live music
We focus on individual solutions!

As the only one we organize SUMMER DANCING (from May to October) – live music (band), free admission, start every Saturday hours. 19:00.